Sparkle of Brilliance

Each creation by CasaBella emanates dazzling glowEach sparkle of brilliance
Embodies the grandeur of life to make the artistic collection a treasured heritage

First sparkle Grandeur of life

Since antiquity, rare jewelry and luxury ornaments have always been the perfect symbol of glory and majesty for the royal family, from the King and Queen’s crown, dress jewelry, royal palace decoration, furnishings to tableware. CasaBella’s exquisite, resplendent and meticulously crafted “Jewelry for Home” not only symbolizes luxurious extravagance but also serves as glittering, timeless spotlight accentuating the grandeur of life.

Second sparkle Artistic collection

Artistic accomplishment represents a nation’s honor and dignity, while different styles of artworks emphasize the vision and taste of respective collectors. The value of an artwork is created through appreciation of the discerning collector, while the collector’s personal splendor and charisma are accented by aesthetical enlightenment. CasaBella not only features independent designers dedicated to creating exclusive artwork collections, prominent contemporary artists are also invited to produce artistic creations by employing a combination of crystal, metal or other mediums. Each creation is the culmination of painstaking work, thus making it an extremely rare and collectable item that deserves to be finely appreciated.

Third sparkle

Treasured heritageThe longstanding and timeless Oriental culture as well as the heritage and value of notable families become ancient, immortal legends. The spiritual treasure of prestigious families propagating far and wide represents the faith and visage of history. Creating a value system that can be passed down the generations in order to continue personal glamor and that of the family is an unchanging popular belief. As a result, “heirloom”, the symbol of such belief was conceived. CasaBella is dedicated to crafting treasurable heritages that are endowed with jewelry art and spiritual values. What’s more, without heritage, CasaBella will not come into existence, without timeless values and beliefs, there will be no re-creation of art. Through generations of heritage and innovation, the fusion of craft and aesthetics has culminated in CasaBella today. Creations from CasaBella constantly explore the core values of life, and by combining the belief of immortal classics, the light of life is infused into the meaning of the artwork to culminate in the timeless, unchanging spiritual paradigm, so that eternal values can be passed down from generation to generation.

CasaBella conveys the all-embracing values of

Noble lifestyle

Arts collection
And treasurable heritage

Core values

Living Art

The world of “object” is all-encompassing. From delicate, exquisite daily wares to majestic, towering architecture, they are the culmination of the creators’ painstaking, persistent efforts, exhibiting ingenious conception and rich spiritual connotation.
The aesthetics and artistic values of objects transcend history, space and time, and they are often intimately associated with modern technology, aesthetical taste, fashion and trend, in turn generating pioneering new arts. In our hands, CasaBella has reinterpreted everyday objects in life in a magnificent manner to make them more vivid, delicate, exquisite, beautiful and fantastic. Simply put, we transform mediocrity into immortality! Deep down, we believe the essence of life is the spirit of art, and boutiques in life are also the objective of artistic creation. We relentlessly strive to enhance our craftsmanship in pursuit of the boundless realm of living art. In doing so, we hope to leave behind timeless testament of the absolutely spectacular lifestyle in the world with vibrant colors.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Only by witnessing how CasaBella’s artisans methodically transform pieces of bare alloy into delicate artworks will one appreciate the meaning of “grinding an iron rod into an embroidery needle”. Time after time, our experience reminds us that in order to achieve greatness, constant refinement is needed and the pace must be slowed down.


We aim to uphold the spirit of consistency and perseverance, and to remain humble in the endless pursuit of honing our craftsmanship. We strive for continual innovation in artwork design so that the connoisseurs will be proud of owning CasaBella creations.

Pinnacle of Exquisite Handcraftsmanship

From the initial drawing, the designer sculpts the prototype model using clay or plaster; by carving detailed lines and texture, the artwork is endowed with new life. Thereafter, silica gel or plaster is applied to cast the metal blanks, which are handed over to professional artisans for polishing the details. After the time and labor consuming prototype is completed, it is divided into several components, and holes for crystal inserts are individually drilled for each component. Next, CasaBella’s exclusive, proprietary MinM (mold in mold) technology is utilized to produce the mold for the components (in preparation for subsequent manufacturing of the artwork).
After the silicon mold is made for each component, professional artisan employs CasaBella’s ConnCraft (seamless joining) technology to painstakingly weld, polish and burnish each component before assembling them together. Subsequently, the artwork is handed over to CasaBella’s crystal designer to arrange the crystals and color diamonds in accordance with the crystal’s characteristics. Finally, senior professional artisans will pave the stunning Swarovski crystal. If the artwork is designed with feathers, cruelty-free feathers procured by CasaBella’s in-house designer are handpicked, arranged and assembled with the utmost precision inside CasaBella’s workshop.

From prototype drawing, planning to the demonstration of the first finished product usually requires 10 months to 2 years. The minutest details of each object are painstakingly refined with the greatest care; under the stringent scrutiny of CasaBella’s Director, the designers and artisans work hand in hand to create absolutely gorgeous works of art.CasaBella’s exclusive, proprietary MinM (mold in mold) technology is utilized to produce the mold for the components.

Director's Words

Over 3 decades ago, my father decided to join the crystal related industry after founding an electronics firm with his close friend. As for me, after graduating with a Ph.D. in organization behavior, I too fell in love with the splendid world of crystal, metal and sculpture over a decade ago.

I will always remember the first time I attempted to produce a plaster mold and what it felt like to pick up the torch to weld my first necklace. I was only 9 years old at the time! Initially, I was driven purely by curiosity and passion, although I did not have a great deal of understanding, my aesthetic awakening started during my first encounter with beauty. In 1999, my father began manufacturing small jeweled boxes and spearheaded “crystal-encrusted jewelry box” production in Asia. Still studying in the States at the time, I started participating in exhibitions and selling these products. In 2004, after returning to Taipei from the US, I was mesmerized by the sparkling crystals and decided to abandon my original intention of working in the financial services industry. Instead, I chose entrepreneurship and started my own crystal product trading company in Guangzhou. At the same time, my father’s factory in Taipei became one of my suppliers.

- ”If you want to make it better, please do it slower.”
Spending long hours in the R&D room constantly contemplating and attempting new designs, I believe that regardless of concept or functionality, the value and stature of an artwork is determined by microscopic differences within a matter of millimeters. After repeated communication over long periods of time, artists, designers and senior artisans all share the most profound consensus and philosophy: “If you want to make it better, please do it slower”.

It has been nearly a decade since my first major creation. In retrospect, we gingerly, gradually overcame numerous difficulties and challenges and turned the impossible into possible. In creating an artwork, we once argued fiercely with our beloved family and partners for a long time; eventually, we managed to complete the project after 2 years, and our thinking and technique were also elevated to a higher level.

Several years ago, my father considered retirement to concentrate his passion on charity, public welfare and spiritual aspiration. However, I felt that I should continue to glorify the heritage of his unique, lifelong craftsmanship. With such ambition nurturing in my mind for the past decade, I was fortunate to bump into my best partner Daniel, an old classmate of more than 10 years. He possesses an entirely different personality to me in a sense that he is even more determined and unequivocal in brand strategy. With our attributes complementing each other, our common aspiration finally culminated in the birth of CasaBella.

Exquisite Quality – Original Craftsmanship

I believe there are many enthusiasts out there who share the same sentiments as me when they first lay their eyes on the handmade masterpieces of CasaBella’s art collection – the dazzling crystal artworks exuding with absolute beauty and ultimate craftsmanship are simply astonishing and enchanting to look at!

The reason they are so unforgettable is attributed not only to CasaBella’s persistence in exquisite craftsmanship or the combination of precious, magnificent materials but also the ability to imbue the aforementioned qualities with a sense of history, society and humanity, so that our ideals can be complemented by more delicate, sensitive aesthetics.

Seeing something extraordinary within mediocrity and reverting to commonness from remarkableness, one will be able to perceive the essence of spirit through materialism and in turn transform materials into something spiritual. CasaBella intends to convey a philosophy that embodies living, heritage, collection and resplendence as the meaning and symbol of life, ultimately attaining the realm of religion, ethics and aesthetics through functionality. Implements created using gemlike crystals and uncanny craftsmanship resemble the culmination of natural creation and human civilization. They not only adorn various aspects of life but also serve as a symbol of life and enlightenment for the profoundness of art.

Any masterpiece is a “life form”. The universe is comprised of lives that are intricately associated with one another. The sparkling crystals and diamonds molded from the quintessence of Mother Nature exude aristocratic splendor, complemented by extraordinary craftsmanship, culture, artistic imagination and creativity, the artworks are imbued with soul and passion.
This is the ultimate embodiment of “Exquisite Quality – Original Craftsmanship”.

Please Look Forward to the Debut of CasaBella’s Artist Collection

天地之和 匠心獨運

Ye Yong-Qing

was born in Kunming in 1958. He graduated from the Department of Painting of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute specializing in oil painting. He is currently a professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and his works have been featured in key international exhibitions including: MOCA Chengdu, Yuz Foundation, Linda Gallery, Gallery ARTSIDE in Seoul, Korea, ChinaSquare in New York, Kailin Sax Gallery in Munich, Studio in Augsburg, Germany and Twin Cranes Gallery, Seattle.