CASABELLA – Asia Hotel Art Fair (AHAF) Hong Kong 2015

CASABELLA will be attending the AHAF Hong Kong 2015 starting on March 14, 2015. Over the course of 3 days, the splendid journey will take CASABELLA to share experiences with international art enthusiasts, thereby solidifying the brand’s unrivalled status in art and craft.
CASABELLA’s most unique masterpieces will be presented in the exhibition alongside prominent Chinese contemporary artist Xue Song’s “Landscape – Cola”, which was crafted using CASABELLA’s craftsmanship, materials and Swarovski crystals.
The 6th AHAF Hong Kong 2015 is co-organized by Asia Hotel Art Fair Committee, Harbour City and Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel. This year, the organizers will expand the scale and extend the fair to the shopping mall and public space of Harbour City. In order to bring art closer to the public, “Beyond the Space” Art Exhibition will be held at Harbour City to let shoppers enjoy appreciation of delightful artworks while shopping in the mall.

Exhibition information of AHAF Hong Kong 2015

Date & hours: March 13, 2015 (17:00~21:00, VIP only)
March 14~16 (12:00~20:00)
Venue: 7F and 8F of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Harbour City, No. 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (CASABELLA is located in exhibit hall 703)
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Xue Song x Wei Guang-qing: China Pop

Since 2011, Pacific Heritage Museum of San Francisco in the US has invited 25 most influential contemporary artists in China to exhibit artworks inspired by the theme of America. For China Pop, Xue Song and Wei Guang-qing, two powerful icons of Chinese contemporary art, were also invited.
Within their China pop creations, Xue Song and Wei Guang-qing utilized everyday pop images to strike a conflicting relationship between contemporary pop culture and mass consumption; their art creations imbued with rich political colors are neither expressions of self-liberation from political awareness nor self-banishment from pop art. Rather, they look to build the values and foundation of regional culture in order to gain perspective on the problems associated with modern culture and international culture. The ultimate aim is to establish the ideals and substance of Chinese contemporary art.

Xue Song x Wei Guang-qing: China Pop

Exhibition period: February 12 ~ March 31, 2015
Venue: Pacific Heritage Museum Of San Francisco
GALA opening
Date: February 26, 2015 (Thurs.)
Time: 18:00~20:00



Starting from March 11, 2015, CASABELLA will attend the AMEX WORLD LUXURY EXPO RIYADH over the course of 3 days to present the label’s extraordinary creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. In addition, CASABELLA’s latest masterpieces Falcon names-Sonic and Clairvoyant will also be debuted in the expo.

The 3rd World Luxury Expo is co-organized by American Express Centurion Card and SAIB in the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh. The venue chosen is the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel. HRH Princess Nouf Bint Faisal Bin Turki Al Saud is the chairperson for this exhibition, and the expo will showcase the world’s leading luxury brands and services to an ultra-affluent and highly discerning audience.
Visitors must receive an invitation to attend the World Luxury Expo, please register at

Venue: Ballrooms A & B, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dates: 11th – 13th March 2015
Time: 16:00-23:00
Visitor information: AMEX WORLD LUXURY EXPO RIYADH website…/

Art Kaohsiung – Symphony of Art

The second Art Kaohsiung has invited 92 art galleries from 10 countries, including: cutting-edge Japanese contemporary art gallery “Tomio Koyama Gallery”, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Whitestone Gallery, B Gallery from BEAMS, aura gallery Taipei, Keumsan Gallery, Liang Gallery, East Gallery, Capital Art Center, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Soka Art Center, Sincewell Gallery, J.P. Art Centre and BABISONG etc. With support from art aficionados and connoisseurs, it is hoped that the event will launch the art industry in Taiwan to the global stage.

Featuring a fusion of exquisite craftsmanship, stunning Swarovski crystals and artistic creations, CASABELLA has sponsored to showcase Pavo: Pure and Swan: Odette at the press conference. In addition, Pavo: The One, Swan: Odette, Swan: Odile, Pavo: Infinity and Pavo Mini: Treasure are also exhibited at the CHATEAU de CHINE. Furthermore, awe-inspiring craft masterpieces are on display in Room 802 and Room 806, where the core concept of art is applied to introduce an extravagant symphony of art for the collectors, galleries, artists and the general public in the form of brand new artworks.

Art Kaohsiung
Duration: Fri., December 12, 2014 to Sun., December 14, 2014
Opening: Hours 11:00-19:00 (11:00-18:00 on December 14)
Preview: 15:00-18:00, Thur., December 11, 2014
Venue: THE PIER-2 ART CENTER (Warehouse P2/P3), CHATEAU de CHINE (7F/8F/9F)
Official website:

Gene Mapping – Works of Xue Song from 1995~2014

Organized by Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, the exhibition presents iconic works by Xue Song during the various stages of his creative career since 1995 so that we may appreciate his artistic creations over the past two decades. Xue Song’s first sculptural work “Landscape – Cola” will also be featured in this exhibition, and everyone is welcome to admire the masterpiece!
Art critic Gao Ling once commented about Xue Song’s art “Xue Song has never given up the history of China, nor China’s culture and traditions; he has also always taken in the art language of the West with the purest of heart; he has never deliberately entertained businesses or accommodated the world of fashion; but he has created a new fashion in his own way. Xue Song has convincingly broken through Chinese traditions and successfully surpassed Western pop art.”

Gene Mapping – Works of Xue Song from 1995~2014

Exhibition period: November 8~30, 2014
Exhibition venue: 2F and 5A of Hong Kong Diamond Exchange Building, No. 8 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong
Organizer: Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery

ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Exhibits at the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair: ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair will be opened on November 12, 2014 at the Rockbund in Shanghai, which is brimming with uniquely styled architectures. Continuing the meticulous gallery selection approach from last year, the fair congregates top galleries, institutions, artists and artworks from around the world to attract visits by important guests from the art circle. The aim is to build an art exchange platform for professional galleries, institutions, collectors, sponsors and fine art museums.

In order to host the fair, 2 of the 6 most prominent contemporary buildings in Rockbund, including Chinese Baptist Publication Building and National Industrial Bank Building were chosen to organize the public exhibition of large artworks. Participating galleries not only include internationally acclaimed Marian Goodman Gallery, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Pace Gallery, Galerie Perrotin, ShanghART Gallery but also emerging galleries such as Leo Xu Projects and MABsociety. In addition, contemporary artist Xue Song’s artwork was exhibited and sold at the ShanghART Gallery booth of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. In addition, Xue Song’s other creation “Landscape – Cola” is also exhibited at the independent pavilion of Mission. Complemented by artworks from Xu Lei, Hao Liang, Lin Feng-Mian and Guan Liang, his masterpiece radiates with sparkling brilliance. The creations at the art fair are truly astonishing. In the company of fine arts and the stunning Rockbund, contemporary art is imbued with new life and momentum to progress forward.

ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Exhibition period:
2014.11.12-11.13 VIP opening day (VIP only)
11.14-11.16 public open day (public days)
Exhibition venue: Rockbund, Shanghai, China
Organizer: ART021


Launch of the New CLS

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan officially unveiled the CLS Coupé/Shooting Brake lineup last night (11/11). The luxury marque’s first four-door coupe and five-door shooting brake were launched at the Huashan1914 Creative Park in Taipei. The launch venue was akin to a top international gallery, where high-tech light performance and floor projections highlight the brand new CLS’s multibeam LED lighting technology. In addition, CASABELLA was invited to present artworks that combine exquisite craftsmanship with Swarovski crystals, including “Pavo: Pure, Pavo: Brilliant and Sparkling Blossom” next to artist Hsi Shih-Pin’s “Symbolic Steed of Memory “. The opulence and extraordinary taste of aristocratic lifestyle serve to accentuate the noble and charismatic power of the brand new CLS 63 AMG Coupe/Shooting Brake AMG.



CASABELLA New Artwork Appreciation: “Landscape – Cola” by Xue Song

Distinguished international contemporary artist Xue Song is not only one of the iconic figures of contemporary pop art in China but also the earliest resident artist of Moganshan Art District in Shanghai. His meticulousness and insistence in pursuing a specific style makes him an important personage in the Neo-Shanghai school of art in China. CASABELLA is honored to invite renowned international contemporary artist Xue Song to create the artwork “Landscape – Cola”, where Chinese landscape painting is presented on the Coca-Cola bottle by paving Swarovski crystals. The fusion of Eastern and Western cultural elements is used to portray the brand new image of Coca-Cola through deconstruction and reconstruction. According to Xue Song “Coca-Cola is the most emblematic foreign merchandize amid the backdrop of globalization; its foreign cultural symbol is matched with the traditional landscape of Chinese local culture. The marriage exemplifies a fusion of harmony and conflict, solemnness and mockery as well as somberness and irony. Such combination generates a powerful visual impact. Within the profound Chinese culture, the new image of Coca-Cola encompasses, deconstructs and stimulates new visual vigor.” Through extravagant, exquisite and unique craftsmanship, Xue Song has imperceptibly combined the cultural charisma from two ends of the globe in the dazzling presentation of “Landscape – Cola”. CASABELLA cordially invite you to join the exhibition and appreciate the masterpiece by the artist.

Xue Song’s works are always endowed with a critique of inherent introspection and self-insight. His work reflects the idea of seeking innovation within tradition; as far as he is concerned, from material selection, firing to the intricate handcrafting process, they serve to liberate an object from its existing form and meaning. Painting is his interpretation of such philosophy and it bears an inexplicit connection to the former. Starting now until October 20 (Mon.), the public is invited to view the masterpiece via advance reservation. In addition to “Landscape – Cola”, 4 of Xue Song’s original works and 7 block prints are also displayed in the exhibition to lead you into the artistic kingdom of Xue Song and experience the touching impact of tradition versus innovation.


CASABELLA VIP Xue Song: Landscape – Cola Appreciation Gala

CASABELLA VIP Xue Song: Landscape – Cola Appreciation Gala – Pleasant Artistic Dialogue between the Host and the Guests.


CASABELLA’s Exhibition at the Taipei 101 Prestige Club

Dedicated to providing premium services, the Taipei 101 Prestige Club will host an exhibition of CASABELLA’s Pavo: Infinity, Pavo: Pure, Swan: Odette, Swan: Odile and Sparkling Blossom. Guests will be able to enjoy a magnificent afternoon teatime accompanied by the sparkling artworks. Suddenly, fleeting moments become eternity.

Exhibition venue: Taipei 101 Prestige Club, 6F, Taipei 101
Exhibition period: September 15 ~ October 6, 2014



The grand event on the Taiwanese boutique calendar, Regent Galleria’s annual “Golden Shopping Week” will be held during September 7~16 in Regent Taipei. CASABELLA’s Pavo: Infinity, Pavo: Pure and Swan: Odette will also be exhibited at the feast of luxury; everyone is invited to join the event.

Distributor: RENA LANGE
Exhibition venue: B1 and B2 of Regent Hotel, RENA LANGE
Exhibition period: September 5~15


Launch of the new Bentley

The brand new Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur launched at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, CASABELLA’s Swan: Odile was also privileged to be part of the grand event.


寶格利家品牌發表記者會 CASABELLA Brand Launch Press Conference

寶格利家 CasaBella 集水晶、金屬與雕塑於大成的璀璨藝術作品,傳遞尊貴生活,藝術收藏,與傳承瑰寶,從藝術家的雕琢中呈現出收藏家的理念與夢想,更貼近主人家的品味與空間氛圍完美結合,2014 年 7 月 17 日舉辦品牌上市發表會,將展出全系列藝術精品:無瑕白孔雀、永恆藍孔雀、煥然鼎貴藍孔雀、湛然丰采白孔雀、素與絢斑斕孔雀、珍愛藍孔雀、至愛小天鵝、奧潔塔白天鵝、奧吉麗雅黑天鵝、東青龍、紅富錦、間關佳音鸚鵡、舞詠大嘴鳥、璀璨花漾、綠鸚鵡…皆為獨創技藝工法,其中與海蘭堂合作之作品,手工鑲嵌超過 17 萬顆水晶「璀璨花漾」,而「白孔雀」作品更成為歐洲皇室新婚賀禮與收藏,彰顯寶格利家 CasaBella 精湛技藝的不凡地位。

寶格利家 CasaBella 由兩位十多年友誼最佳夥伴所共同創立,品牌執行長 Daniel 從數理分析師金融產業跨足感性美學領域,而品牌總監 Jacky 負責作品研發,集結藝術家、設計師、資深工匠,將想法與實務在毫米之內微小差距中創作出更高的藝術層次。品牌執行長 Daniel 表示:「雖然過去的工藝史詩我們來不及參與,然而終於,我們來了!我們深信:未來的美學與藝術史,寶格利家 CasaBella 絕對不會缺席。一直以來對於亞洲獨特的文化歷史和工藝情有獨鍾,而當我毅然決定卸下金融業光環,從數理分析的理性中,大步邁進感性的美學領域,我看到一個個勇於追求突破的心靈,是如何努力與執著在用生命實現極致的作品。寶格利家 CasaBella 將亞洲獨有的工藝技術改造升級,希望建立一個世界級藝術品牌。」

寶格利家 CasaBella 從一開始的繪製原型草圖、採用黏土或泥漿雕塑出原始模型、細部紋理雕刻以及肌理特徵形塑,賦予了作品的初始生命。而後用矽膠或石膏翻製,鑄成粗胚合金,轉由專業工匠打磨細節,耗力費時的作品原型才得以完成。接下來,將作品分為多個部件,並於每個細微部件逐一鑽上水晶座孔,再使用寶格利家 CasaBella 的 MinM (模中模) 獨家技術,替每個部件製作模型,為後續作品的製造做準備

矽膠模鑄出的每個部件,由專業工匠採用寶格利家 CasaBella 獨家技術 ConnCraft (無縫接合),將各個部件專注焊接、細心打磨、精密拋光、組成整體,然後交由寶格利家 CasaBella 專業水晶設計師,依照水晶特性排列配置色鑽,最後由資深的專業工匠,鑲崁絕美粹鍊的施華洛世奇水晶。當作品如有配置羽毛時,則由寶格利家 CasaBella in-house 設計師親自向國外採購珍貴羽毛,於品牌工作室中逐只篩選並加以編排組合,謹慎小心,完成製作。寶格利家 CasaBella 頂級珠寶家飾,從原型草圖的規劃到首件作品的完工展示,需耗時十個月至兩年,逐一細節,戰兢虔誠。在寶格利家 CasaBella 總監 Jacky 的嚴格監督下、設計師群和工匠們的齊心合力,璀璨絕美之作品於焉誕生。

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